Enable, disable and configure features

All White Fuse features are enabled by default but you can disable them if they are not relevant. Disabling features will hide related menu items and sections from the admin interface making it easier to focus on the features you are using.


News articles appear on the special News page on your website and can be prompted to the home page. Disabling Articles hides all news-related content from your website.


Email broadcasts can be sent to segments of people contacts or event attendees. Disabling the Broadcasts feature hides the Broadcasts tab from the main toolbar and prevents bulk emails from being sent.

Learn more about broadcasts


Segments of contacts can be published as live updating directories on pages of your website. Disabling this feature hides the Directories section from the toolbar and any published directories.

Learn more about directories


You can accept one-off and regular donations through your website. Disabling this feature hides the donate website page and the donation reporting pages and prevents donation transactions from being processed. It also disables the Campaigns feature.

Within the settings for this feature, you can configure which donation options to present on your donate page and a custom thank you message to include in emails sent to donors.

Learn more about donations


Events you create are published to the special events page on your website. You can also choose to create tickets that people can book and pay for online. Disabling this feature hides all events functionality.

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The membership feature allows the creation of plans, subscriptions, a special membership page and dedicated membership reporting tools. All these are hidden if the membership feature is disabled.

Create membership plans | Understand subscriptions


Logged-in members can start discussions in the member-only forum and comment on other content on your website. Disabling the forum hides this website page and all discussion functionality.

Lean more about the forum and comments


The resoruce library lets you publish dozens or even hundreds of items to your website while keeping them organised and searchable. Disabling this feature hides the resource library.

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