Understand the subscription process

When a new member joins

When a new member joins online they:

  • Complete an online joining form.
  • Set up a recurring payment method.
  • Create an account so they can log in and access member content.
  • Receive a welcome email that you can customise with your own message.

Administrators receive a notification informing them of the new subscription and a contact record is created in the database with the subscription and invoice connected.

How are subscription fees paid?

Direct Debit Payment is collected automatically within the next 5 days.
Credit or Debit card Payment is collected immediately.
Manual An administrator will need to manually mark the invoice as paid.

If approval is required

If the membership plan is set to require administrator approval the process is different.

  • The member will complete the subscription form
  • Administrators will be notified and have the chance to approve the subscription
  • Once approved, a confirmation will be sent to the member to notify them and prompt them to make a payment if they haven't already set up a Direct Debit
  • No money is taken while a subscription is pending approval

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