Create a directory

Create a directory to publish a live-updating list of either people or organisations from your contact database to a page on your website. 

Create a directory

  1. Create a page on which to place the directory.
  2. Go to Contacts > Segments and create a segment to define which contacts are included.
  3. Go to Contacts > Directories and create a directory. 
  4. On the Settings tab, choose the and page you have created. 
  5. On the Person fields/Organisation fields tab, specify which fields you want to be visible and which you want to use for filtering. 
  6. Save the directory.

Saving the directory will immediately publish it to the chosen website page.

Add contacts to the directory

Contacts will appear in the directory if the following two conditions are met: 

  • They fit the criteria defined in the segment on which the directory is based. 
  • The contact has OPTED IN to Appear in directories. This option can be displayed on forms and people can manage the preference from their 'My account' area.

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