Create and populate a directory

By creating a directory you can publish a list of either people or organisations from your contact database to a page on your website. 

Create a directory

  1. Create a page on which to place the directory. If necessary, go to the Access tab and restrict the page to members.
  2. Go to Website > Menus and position the new page in your menu.
  3. Go to Contacts > Segments and create a segment. The segment will define who is in the directory. For example, you may define a segment including all people with a certain type of membership. 
  4. Go to Contacts > Directories, choose either People or Organisations, and create a directory. 
  5. On the Settings tab, choose the appropriate segment, the directory title (optional) and the page on which to place the directory. 
  6. On the Person fields/Organisation fields tab, specify which fields you want to be visible and which you want to use for filtering. 
  7. Update to save and publish the directory.

Add people or organisations to the directory

A person or organisation will appear in the directory if the following two conditions are met: 

  • They fit the criteria defined in the segment on which the directory is based. 
  • The contact opts in to the Directory. This is managed through the contact's Display in directories setting. This setting is OFF by default but can be edited by a person in their My Account section or an administrator through the contact page. Contacts will only display in directories if this setting is ON.

Populating directory listings

Once featured in the directory, a contact's profile (image, name, custom fields, etc) can be populated or edited either by a person in their My Account section or an administrator through the contact page. 

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