Create an event and take bookings

This article explains how to create an event listing and how to take online bookings for that event. 

Create an event

You can create an event in three ways: 

  • Go to the public list of events on your website and click Create event.
  • Go to Events in the admin toolbar, click Create new event.
  • Use the + quick add button in the admin toolbar.

The event will be created in the published/draft state chosen and you will be directed to the public view of the event to add event information.

Tip: While events are in a draft state they will not appear in the events listing on your website. You can return to the public view of draft events by clicking Events in the admin menu then View event from the action menu next to the relevant event.

Create ticket types

Once you have created an event, you can take bookings by creating one or more ticket types. These tickets can be free or paid and can be booked online from the event listing on your website. This section explains how to create ticket types. 

  • Go to the Manage event page for the event in question.
  • Click + Create ticket type.


Under the Settings tab, set the price, payment methods and allocation.

Form layout

Choose what to display on the form that will collect information about each attendee. You may want to read up on the following:

Confirmation email

A confirmation email is sent to each attendee. You can add your own custom message to this confirmation email.

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