Set up the member discussion forum

Enable comments

  • Go to an individual article or resource
  • Edit the item and go to the Access and Comments
  • Enable comments for members.

As an administrator, you can view and manage all comments by going to Website > Comments.

Enabling the Forum

  • Go to Settings > Features > Forum
  • Choose the page on which you would like to place your Forum
  • Click save
NB. If you see both a Save and an Enable button you'll need to click  Save first and then re-edit the feature and click Enable.

Create categories

All forum posts must have a category so you will need to create some.

  • Go to Website > Categories
  • Edit existing categories to enable them on Posts
  • Create new categories for posts and choose whether to also enable them for other content types


Remember, both posts and comments are strictly for members-only. Anyone without a valid membership subscription will not be able to view posts or comments.

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