Set up the member discussion forum

Enable the Forum

The Forum feature is enabled by default on most accounts. If you cannot access the Forum go to Settings > Features > Forum to enable the feature. A shortcut to the Forum page will appear once the feature is enabled.

About the Forum

The Member Discussion Forum enabled logged-in valid members to start discussions and comment on discussions started by others. 

Enable comments on other content types

In addition to Posts in the Forum, you can enable comments on both Articles and Resources as well.

  • Go to an individual Article or Resource
  • Edit the item and go to the Access and Comments
  • Enable comments for members.

As an administrator, you can view and manage all comments by going to Website > Comments.

Create categories

All Forum Posts must have a category so you will need to create some.

  • Go to Website > Categories
  • Edit existing categories to enable them on Posts
  • Create new categories for Posts and choose whether to also enable them for other content types


Remember, both posts and comments are strictly for members-only. Anyone without a valid membership subscription will not be able to view posts or comments even if they are logged in as a user.

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