Create and format an email broadcast

Send bulk email broadcasts to groups of people in your contact database.

Choose your audience

You can send email broadcasts to:

Create a broadcast

  • Go to Broadcasts in the main toolbar.
  • Create a new broadcast and choose to send it to a Segment or an Event (you can also create a broadcast to event orderers/attendees from the Manage event page).
  • Give your broadcast a subject line and introduction.

Format your content

Add blocks of content or file attachments using the options provided in the Add menu.

In order to make sure your email looks good on all size devices, it is best to keep things simple. Here are some guidelines:

  • Use headings before each paragraph
  • Keep paragraphs brief and easy to read
  • Use lists, alignment, bold and italic for emphasis
  • Use lines to demarcate different sections
  • Insert links that point back to your website for further reading.
  • Style these links as buttons to help them stand out
  • Insert special tokens such as First name to add personalised content (Learn more about tokens)

Send a test email

You can send a test to yourself or a colleague. Note that personalisation tokens are not replaced in test emails; this only happens when you send the finished broadcast.


You can access a delivery report by going to Broadcasts and selecting a broadcast with the status Sent (Understand broadcast statuses).

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