Create membership plans

Structure your membership, create plans and promote them to your website so that people can join and pay online.

Create a membership plan

  1. Go to Settings > Membership plans.
  2. Click Create new membership plan.
  3. Choose the type of plan you want to create.

The different types of membership plans each contain slightly different functionality. Once you have created a plan you cannot change its type so make sure you understand these before creating plans.

Individual One person can subscribe for themself. 
Joint One person can subscribe and add joint members.
Proxy One person can subscribe on behalf of another person, e.g. a parent subscribing on behalf of a child. 
Organisation One person can subscribe on behalf of their organisation. The person subscribing is labelled as the 'key person' at that organisation and other staff members can be affiliated and granted the benefits of membership.

Configure the plan according to your needs.

Settings Add a name, description and cost. Choose the payment methods you wish to offer and the billing frequency. The billing frequency cannot be changed after you create the plan.
Form layout Choose the contact fields and consent choices you would like to display on the subscription form. 
Welcome email Add your own custom message to the welcome email that is always sent when a person subscribes.
Advanced The advanced section contains sensible defaults for most plans but it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with what these settings do in case you do need to change them.

Promote plans automatically

By default, membership plans are promoted to your membership page. You can manage this in the advanced tab for each membership plan, or from the membership page itself.

Promote plans manually

If the built-in layout of promoted plans does not meet your needs, create your own manual page layout in the body area of your membership page. 

You can place your plans in a list, a table or a series of columns - it's up to you. The main thing you will need is the link to the membership plan subscription form. This link will always be in the following format:


The number on the end of the URL corresponds to the ID of the membership plan. To get the URL for a specific membership plan subscription:

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans.
  • Choose a Membership plan.
  • Click Go to form from the action menu (...) for that plan.
  • Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.

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