Create, edit and promote membership plans

You can create membership plans to which people or organisations can subscribe. Once created, you can promote these plans on your website.

Create or edit a plan

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans.
  • Use the tabs to select either People or Organisation membership plans.
  • Select an existing plan to edit or to create a plan click Create.
  • Use the Settings, Person fields and Confirmation email tabs to configure the membership plan and its associated form. 

Promote plans automatically

  • Go to your public membership page (this is defined in Settings > Features > Membership and is referenced at Settings > Membership plans).
  • From your public membership page, click Membership plans in the on-page contextual toolbar.
  • Select the plans you wish to promote.
  • You can also add or remove plans from the public membership page when editing them. 

Promote plans manually

If the built-in layout of promoted plans does not meet your needs, create your own manual page layout in the body area of your membership page. 

You can place your plans in a list, a table or a series of columns - it's up to you. The main thing you will need is the link to the membership plan subscription form. This link will always be in the following format:


The number on the end of the URL corresponds to the ID of the membership plan. To get the URL for a specific membership plan subscription:

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans.
  • Choose a Membership plan.
  • Click Go to form from the action menu (...) for that plan.
  • Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.
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