Promote donation options to your website

Take donations directly on your website. Make sure you have already integrated with our partner payment gateways first. Here's how to Receive payments with Stripe and GoCardless.

Donation page

By default, your website already has a specially designated Donate page. This contains a widget with preset buttons linking to built-in donate forms. If the widget is not displaying go to Add > Donation options from the contextual toolbar and select the options to display.

Customise donation options

If you would prefer to design something more custom you can hide these buttons by hovering over the widget, clicking Donation options and unchecking the options.

You can then manually add links to the built-in donate forms by entering URLs in the following formats.

Destination form URL
One-off donation with no preset amount /donation_invoices/new
specific forms One-off donation of £20 /donation_invoices/new/20
Monthly donation with no preset amount /donation_subscriptions/new
Monthly donation of £50 /donation_subscriptions/new/50

When adding a preset amount only whole numbers are supported. 

Thank your donors

You can add a custom message to the thank you email that your donors receive. To configure this go to Settings > Features > Donations in the main toolbar. Add your custom message and click Save.

Campaign-specific forms

You can also create fundraising campaigns to take donations for specific purposes. Read more about how to Create a campaign.

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