Promote donation options to your website

Designate a donation page

The easiest way to promote donation options on your website is to designate a page as your Donation page. You can designate this page at Settings > Features > Donations. This will place a widget on the page with preset suggested amounts for regular and one-off giving.

Create a custom donation page

If the built-in donation widget does not meet your needs you can design your own donation page. You can choose to display content in lists, tables or columns - it's up to you. You'll need to know how to manually link to donation forms.

  • Edit the page
  • Navigate to the part of the page where you wish to add a link
  • Click the link button in the text editor toolbar and choose Insert link
  • Select the custom URL option
  • Add the the donation form URL following the formats in the table below

Campaign forms

If you link to donation forms and include a campaign ID then any donations made through that form will be allocated to that campaign.The easiest way to get a campaign link is to go to Settings > Campaigns, find the campaign and select Go to form from the action menu.

Donation form url formats

Destination form url
One-off donation with no preset amount /donations/new
One-off donation of £20 /donations/new/20
One-off donation for a campaign with the ID 1 /donations/new/campaign/1
One-off donation for a campaign with the ID 2 of £30 /donations/new/campaign/2/30
Monthly donation with no preset amount /donation_subscriptions/new
Monthly donation of £50 /donation_subscriptions/new/50
Monthly donation for a campaign with the ID 1 /donation_subscriptions/new/campaign/1

When adding a present amount only whole numbers are supported. 

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