Create, edit or move a website form

You can create a form on any normal website page.

  1. Create the page on which the form will be placed. 
  2. Click Add form in the contextual toolbar. This will take you to the form creation screen.
  3. Under the Settings tab, choose the title and an email address at which to be notified.
  4. Under the People fields tab, select the contact information you wish to collect.
    (This information will be stored against the contact record.)
  5. Under the Submission questions tab, add the questions you need to ask.
    (Answers to these questions will be stored on the submission record.)
  6. To send a confirmation email to the person who submits the form, add a message under the Confirmation email tab.
  7. Click Create to save and publish the form. 

Edit a form

You can edit a form from the page on which the form is located. 

  1. Go to the page on which the form is located.
  2. Click Edit form in the contextual toolbar. This will take you to the form edit screen.

Move a form

You can move a form from one page to another. 

  1. Edit the form (see above)
  2. Under the Settings tab, change the page on which the form is placed.

Communication preferences

Communication preferences can be displayed on all forms. These are managed under Settings > Communications in the main toolbar.

Custom fields

You can define your own custom fields for People and Organisations under Settings > Custom fields. Any fields you create will be available on the form edit screen for you to display and require on the form itself.

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