Understand form fields

Understanding the difference between Person fields, Organisation fields and Questions will help you design a form that stores data in the right place.


  • Information submitted into Person fields is saved in the Person contact record
  • Information submitted into Organisation fields is saved in the Organisation contact record
  • Information submitted into Question fields is saved in the submission or booking, not the contact record

Here are some examples of how you would use these different field types to good effect

Example person fields

  • A person's email address or phone number
  • The region a person lives or works in
  • A person's date of birth
  • A person's professional qualification
  • A person's medical condition

Example organisation fields

  • An organisation's website url
  • An organisation's industry/sector
  • An organisation's turnover or team size

Example questions

  • Which seminar will you attend in the morning?
  • Do you consent to having your photo taken at the event?
  • Do you have any dietary requirements?
  • Would you like to enter the prize draw?
  • How often can you volunteer?
  • Would you recommend others to go on this course?
  • How satisfied were you with the service?

These examples are of things that relate to a specific time, enquiry or event, rather than a person or organisation in general.

Knowing which field type to use

If you're unsure about which field type to use, send us a message and we'll help you.

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