Create custom fields

About custom fields

Custom fields allow you to store information in the contact database about either People or Organisations. 

You can create, edit and delete custom fields in Settings > Custom fields.

Create a custom field

  1. Go to Settings > Custom fields
  2. Choose either People or Organisations
  3. Click Create new person/organisation field
  4. Choose a name for the field
  5. Choose a field type (see below for descriptions of supported field types)
  6. If applicable add response options
  7. Click Create

Supported field types

Field type Guidance
Text Add some plain text that will be different for each contact such as 'University name'
Date Add a date such as 'Birthday' or 'Follow up'
Checkboxes Add a set of checkboxes such as 'Achievements' or 'Dietary needs' where multiple options can be selected
Dropdown Add a dropdown list such as 'Region' where only one can be selected; dropdown fields are better for long lists
Multiple choice Add a set of radio buttons such as 'Application status' where only one can be selected ; multiple choice fields are better for short lists 

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