Create custom fields

Create custom fields to store information in the contact database about either people or organisations.

Create a custom field

  1. Go to Settings > Custom fields and click Create new custom field
  2. Choose either People or Organisations
  3. Choose a name for the field
  4. Choose a field type (see below for descriptions of supported field types)
  5. If applicable add response options
  6. Click Create

Supported field types

Field type Example
Text (single line) Short text such as 'Vehicle registration number'
Text (paragraph) Longer text such as 'Brief biography'
Date A date such as 'Date of birth' or 'Follow up date'
File An uploaded file such as a scanned document
Checkboxes A set of options such as 'Professional interests'
Dropdown A long select field such as 'Region'
Radio buttons A short select field such as 'Gender'

Using custom fields

Custom fields you create will be available in a number of places in the system

  • On contact records in the contact database
  • On forms for gathering information from users
  • In the 'My account' area so users can update their own details
  • As profile attributes and filters in directories
  • As filter criteria when creating segments

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