Managing contact communication preferences

Each contact can choose the types of communication they wish to receive from you. Their choice is based on the communication types that you set up. 

Create or edit communication types

You can create and edit communication types in  Settings > Communications.  Ideally communication types should describe the topic or nature of communication, for example:

  • News and updates
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Fundraising appeals
  • Organisation news
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Upcoming events
  • Etc. 

Displaying communication types on forms

When adding or editing communication types, you can choose whether to display them on custom forms, event order forms, membership subscription forms and/or donation forms. 

For example, if some options are relevant only to members you may choose to show them only on membership subscription forms. 

How can users manage their communication preferences?

If a contact has previously selected to receive a communication type, leaving that option unchecked on a subsequent form submission does not unsubscribe them from that preference. To unsubscribe they must edit their communication preferences in one of the two ways set out below. 

My account area

Active users can manage communication preferences by logging in and going to the My account > Communications section. All communication types will be visible and the contact can select the communication types they wish to receive.

From an email

The footer of all broadcast emails sent through White Fuse includes a Manage communication preferences link. This links allows the contact to select the communication types they wish to receive.

Sending email broadcasts

It is important that you respect your users' communication preferences when you send broadcasts. To do this, when sending an email broadcast to a particular segment you should check that the segment criteria includes only people who have selected the relevant communication preference. 

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