Pre-launch checks

This is a list of things to consider before launching your website to a custom domain.

Take payments

Connect your Stripe and GoCardless accounts so you can process transactions. 
Receive payments with Stripe and GoCardless

Manual payment instructions

If you let people pay manually make sure you provide instructions on how to pay.
Allow manual payment on membership subscriptions

Communication preferences

Set up the communication types you want people to opt-in to and display these on forms.
Manage communication preferences

Contact import

Make sure you have imported all your existing contacts.
Import contacts

Email address

Add the email address you want to send from under Settings > Organisation.

Google Analytics

Add your tracking code under Settings > Features > Google Analytics.
Set up Google Analytics

URL redirects

Optionally redirect urls for pages on your old website to the corresponding pages on the new website.
Create a URL redirect

Form submissions

Make sure all forms are set to send notifications to your preferred email address.
Create or edit a website form

Domain control panel

Make sure you have access to your domain control panel as you will need this to launch to a custom domain.
Launch on a custom domain

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