Pre-launch checks

This is a list of things to consider before launching your website.

Google Analytics

If you want to track usage data using Google Analytics, ensure you have added your UA code to the Settings > Features page. 

GoCardless & Stripe

If you are taking payments, ensure that you added your live API keys in Settings > Features. We recommend testing a live transaction, which you can then refund. 

URL Redirects 

The URLs (often referred to as a 'web address') for pages on your old website will no longer work when you launch your new website so we recommend that you create redirects that send people visiting old URLs to the new version of the page they are looking for. You can set these up in Website > Redirects.  


If you have created any forms, check they are submitting to the correct organisation email address (e.g. You can edit the receiving email address for each form by going to  Website > Forms. We also recommend submitting one message via each of your forms and verifying that you receive an email notification.

Access to your domain control panel 

You'll need this in order to launch the website. You can read more about the launch process in our guide on launching on a custom domain.      
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