Launch on a custom domain

Once your website is finished, the next step is to launch it on a custom domain (e.g. This article explains how to get one and how to launch your site. 

1a. Get a new custom domain name

If you don't have a domain name (e.g. then you need to register one. Popular companies that offer domain registration services include 123- reg, and 1and1. Once purchased, all of these providers will let you manage your domain settings. 

1b. Get access to your existing domain settings

If you already own the domain that you wish to use, you'll need to get access to the domain settings. If you can't access your domain name account you need to track it down. Here are the steps to take:

  • Go to Whois lookup service and type in your domain. This will tell show you the name of the person to whom your domain is registered and the business that handles the registration. 
  • Get in touch with this person or the company and ask them for access details or to help you arrange a transfer.

2. Send us details of your custom domain

Once you've got access to your domain settings please email and give us the full name of the custom domain you wish to use. We will then setup your website so that it is ready for the new domain and give you specific instructions on what to do next. 

3. Change your name servers

Once we have setup your website so that it is ready for the new domain, you should log in to your domain name account and change the settings. We will give you specific details of what settings you need to change but in most cases it will involve changing your name servers and pointing them to us. We manage name servers through a third party platform run by CloudFlare. They provide a range of security services including providing SSL certificates. For the vast majority of our customers, their free plan is sufficient and in those cases there will be no additional costs for adding the layer of security that an SSL certificate provides. 

4. Launch the website on your custom domain

After allowing 24 hours for the changes to your name servers to take effect, we will launch the website to your custom domain. Once this has been done your address will forward automatically to your custom domain. 


Will there be any downtime?

If your new website is replacing an old one then there should be no downtime. While the launch is progressing, visitors to your domain will see either the old or the new website. 

What about my organisational email? 

You need a system to manage day-to-day email to and from email addresses on your custom domain (e.g. White Fuse does not offer this service but lots of options exist such as the email element within Google Suite and Office 365 or standalone email systems like ProtonMail or MailBox.

You may use an email management system provided by the company that currently hosts your website. If so, you need to check that they can continue to offer this as a standalone service because after your White Fuse website launches you will no longer need their website hosting services. If not, you will need to move to a new email management system.

During the launch process we will maintain your current email settings so as long as your email management system is a standalone system the process of linking your domain to a White Fuse website will not disrupt the sending or receiving of organisational emails.

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