Allow manual payment on membership subscriptions

Most organisations make Direct Debit the default payment method for membership subscriptions but you can allow members to pay manually (by BACS, cheque, or another method). 

Add manual payment as an option on subscription forms

If you want to allow new members to pay manually when they join you can enable this option on your subscription forms:

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans and choose the membership plan you want to edit
  • Go to the Form layout tab and go to the Payment methods section
  • Check the Manual payment instructions option
  • Save the membership plan

Add manual payment instructions

It is advisable to add your own custom payment instructions such as your bank details so that members know exactly how to pay when they receive a renewal reminder email.

  • Go to Settings > Payments and select Manual
  • Add manual payment instructions 
  • Click Save to save the changes

If you add payment instructions they will be included in email confirmations and renewal reminders. If you don't add custom payment instructions, members will simply be instructed to get in touch with you to arrange payment.

Manual payment for existing subscriptions

Irrespective of what is displayed on subscription forms, administrators can edit a membership subscription at any time and choose between the payment methods Direct Debit or Manual.

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