Learn about contacts

You can record details of all the people and organisations you interact with in the central White Fuse contact database (CRM).

How contacts are created

Administrators can add or import contacts at any time. Contacts are also created automatically when a person submits:

  • A custom website form
  • An event booking form
  • A membership subscription form
  • A donation form

People are primarily identified by their unique email address. If a person submits a form with an email address that is already known then the existing contact record will be updated instead of a new one created.

Import contacts

You can import all your existing members, supporters, donors, associates and any other type of contact.

Learn about importing contacts >


Any person or organisation with a valid subscription is considered a member.

Learn about the subscription process >

Organisation contacts

People can be linked with organisation contacts. If the organisation is a member the linked people can also be granted membership status.

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Custom fields

In addition to basic contact details, you can create your own custom fields to store additional information that is relevant and useful for you.

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User accounts

Any person in your contact database can create a user account and log in to your website. A user account is distinct from a contact record and a membership subscription.

Learn about user accounts


You can create live-updating segments of contacts that match the conditions that you specify. Use these segments to create directories, broadcasts or custom reports.

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Publish a live-updating list of either people or organisations from your contact database to a page on your website. 

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