Import contacts


Before you can import new people into the contact database you need to prepare the data you hold in a specific format. Follow our guidance and use our preformatted template to help you.

Prepare people contacts for import >


If you plan to import organisations and link people with organisations you need to prepare organisation contact data separately. Organisations must be imported before people.

Prepare organisation contacts for import >

Joint members

If you offer joint membership plans and want to import joint members you need to prepare the contact data separately. Joint members need to be imported after the people that own the subscriptions they are linked to.

Prepare joint member contacts for import >

Complete the import

Once all your contact data has been prepared you can complete the process by saving data in a CSV format and uploading it to the database.

Complete the import process >

Import changes to existing contacts

You can also make changes to existing contacts using the import process. This must be done separately and only certain data can be updated in this way.

Make changes to existing contacts

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