Configure organisation membership

If your members are businesses, universities, charities or other types of organisations, you should create organisation-specific membership plans to cater to their needs. This video explains how this works and how to configure your membership plans.

User experience

A person can subscribe on behalf of their organisation. The organisation will make the payment and the person will manage all communication about membership. The person can also create a user account to access member content.

Creating an organisation membership plan

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans
  • Create an Organisation plan
  • Choose the form fields you want the person to fill in for themself, and for the organisation

Notice that there is a maximum number of people allowed to be affiliated with the subscription.

Viewing an organisation and adding people

When a person subscribes on behalf of their organisation an organisation contact record is created. Here you can view all the people affiliated with the organisation, edit them and add more. You can also link through to the individual contact records for these people and invite them to create a user account.

Editing an organisation subscription

You can edit the organisation's subscription and override some of the default plan settings. You can:

  • Override the plan cost to charge a custom amount to a specific member.
  • Override the maximum number of affiliated people to allow more or fewer people to benefit from the membership subscription.
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