Getting Started Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to setting up the White Fuse software. Each lesson contains a short video that will walk you through exactly what to do. We advise that you follow the lessons in order and refer to the related articles for each lesson if you need them.

Overview >

Before you jump in, take a few minutes to learn how the complete suite of tools in White Fuse fits together. This product tour video will give you the foundation you need to complete the tasks ahead.

8-min video

Payments >

Understand how membership payments work in White Fuse and how to connect the payment gateways Stripe and GoCardless.

5-min video

Subscriptions >

Get an overview of exactly how new members can join and pay online.

4-min video

Membership >

Set up your membership offering by creating plans, promoting them on your website and allowing people to join and pay online.

4-min video

Website >

Whether you're building a simple members portal or a complete public-facing website, you'll need to learn how to structure your pages in menus, add content and promote special items like events, news articles and resources.

8-min video

Forms >

Create custom forms for things like enquiries, applications or referrals to collect information from website visitors directly into your contact database.

3-min video

Contact import >

Learn how to format your existing contact data and import them into your database.

4 articles

Launch >

When everything else is ticked off you can proceed to launch day. Make your new website visible to visitors on your own custom domain.

5-min read

Announcement >

Send a special email broadcast to announce the launch of your new website and show people how to log in.

6-min video

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