Membership subscriptions and renewals

This article explains:

  • How new members subscribe and pay
  • How existing members renew their subscription
  • What happens if members do not pay their fees

When a new member joins

When a new member joins online they:

  • Browse options on your website.
  • Complete an online joining form.
  • Set up a recurring payment method.
  • Create an account so they can log in and access member content.
  • Receive a welcome email that you can customise with your own message.

Administrators receive a notification informing them of the new subscription and a contact record is created in the database with the subscription and invoice connected.

How are subscription fees paid?

Direct Debit Payment is collected automatically within the next 5 days.
Credit or Debit card Payment is collected immediately.
Manual An administrator will need to manually mark the invoice as paid.

When a subscription renews

This is what happens for a typical membership plan with a yearly renewal cycle and renewal reminder emails enabled.

  • 14 days before the renewal date a renewal reminder email is sent to the member.
  • The email contains instructions of how to pay as necessary based on the member's saved payment method.
  • On the renewal date itself, an invoice is created.
  • If payment can be collected automatically it will.
  • The renewal date is automatically moved to the future (regardless of whether payment has actually been collected)

When a subscription becomes overdue

  • If payment is not received by the renewal date the subscription is marked as Overdue to reflect the fact that there is an unpaid invoice.
  • A grace period (typically 30 days) is extended to the member allowing them to continue to access member content while they arrange payment.
  • No more automated reminders are sent. Administrators can use segments and broadcasts to chase members with overdue subscriptions.
  • As soon as payment is received the subscription will be automatically set back to Valid.

When a subscription becomes expired

  • If a member fails to respond to automated and manual reminders their subscription will change to an Expired state once the grace period has elapsed.
  • They will lose access to member content.
  • They can still reinstate their subscription if they make a payment.
  • We usually recommend that administrators cancel Expired subscriptions.
  • No attempt will be made to collect payment for Cancelled subscriptions.
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