Understand membership payments

This article explains:

  • The different payment options available
  • How new members can join and pay online
  • How existing members can add a new payment method

Payment options

  • GoCardless is used to process payments via Direct Debit.
  • Stripe is used to process payments via Credit or Debit card.

White Fuse also supports a method referred to as 'Manual'. This really just means 'any method of payment that is NOT processed via one of the above payment gateways'.

New members joining

When a new member joins via one of the built-in forms they will be offered the payment options that you have specified on the membership plan. If you permit multiple options they will be given a choice of how to pay.

Existing members adding a payment method

Existing members are typically imported with the 'Manual' payment method. Once imported you can invite them to set up a new payment method. Members can:

  • Log in and go to the Membership tab to add a payment method for their subscription.
  • Wait for their annual renewal reminder and follow the links included in the email.

Existing members changing between Direct Debit and Card

Once a member has made the switch from 'Manual' to a recurring payment method they will continue to be billed that way. It's not possible to switch from paying by Direct Debit to Card or vice versa. However, you can cancel a subscription and add a new one with the same renewal date and the payment method set to 'Manual'. You can then either actively prompt the member to add a new Card/Direct Debit mandate or rely on the automated email reminders to prompt the member to add a mandate near the renewal date.

Connect the payment gateways

If you're getting started you'll need to integrate your White Fuse account with your Stripe and GoCardless accounts in order to take online payments.

Instructions for connecting Stripe and GoCardless

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