Format an email broadcast

The email broadcast editor is designed to make it easy to send simple, well-formatted emails that work well on mobile phones and across all email clients. The editor is not designed to support complex image-heavy layouts. This article explains best practices and problems you might experience. 

Best practice formatting

In order to make sure your email looks good on all size devices it is best to keep things simple. Here are some specific guidelines.

  • Use a single column layout
  • Keep images to a minimum
  • Where you use images, resize them before uploading and keep them small
  • Use headings to separate sections
  • Use buttons to highlight key actions you wish recipients to take

Use personalisation tokens

Reference people by name and include personalised links within your email broadcasts where relevant. Learn more about tokens.

What problems might I experience?

Not every email client uses the same rules to display content so your email may appear different in different email clients. Here is a list of common rendering problems and our recommended solution in each case

Problem Suggested solution
Padding and margin around images is ignored Always place your images inline with text (not floated left).
Image squashed or the wrong size Resize your image before adding it to your email.
There are large gaps in the content Rearrange your content, use smaller images and design in one column.
The width of the email is unconstrained Don't worry about it. Your content will still be readable.
Button links are not displayed Don't worry. The links will still work.

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