Understand broadcast statuses like dropped, blocked and bounced

When a broadcast is sent an individual email delivery is prepared for each recipient. Each email delivery can have one of the following statuses.


Preparing. Sending will be attempted as soon as possible.


Could not be delivered, usually because the address has previously bounced. If the address is invalid you should remove it from your contact list.


Sent by the White Fuse system and successful delivery is still expected.


Delivery has been delayed for a technical reason. Repeated attempts at delivery will be made but if these are unsuccessful this delivery will be marked as blocked.


Repeated attempts at delivery have failed. This message has been blocked and no further attempts to deliver this message will be made. However, deliveries of future messages to this address will be attempted.


Could not be delivered because the address could not be found or verified. It is possible for legitimate email addresses to be added to a bounced list for a variety of different reasons. If the email address is invalid you should remove it from your contact list. If you believe a legitimate address has bounced please contact us.


Successfully delivered to the recipients email address but there have been no signs of engagement yet.


The recipient has opened and looked at the email. The Opened status relies on a small tracking image being loaded by the recipients email client. Some email clients suppress images for security reasons and users have to manually opt to display images. Other email clients may load images as part of a pre-screening process before the recipient has actually seen the email.


The recipient has clicked links contained in the email.

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