Announce your new member website

This article explains how to announce the launch of your new website and invite your contacts to create an account and log in

Import contacts

When you begin using White Fuse you may have existing members to import into the contact database. To provide the most seamless experience for them it's important to carefully consider the transition process. Most customers that start using White Fuse already have members subscribed to a range of different plans, paying by different methods and renewing in different ways.

Learn more about how to import contacts

Create a segment

Once your contacts are imported, you can send an email broadcast to announce your new website and recommend some actions for people to take. When you send an email broadcast the recipients are defined from a segment of your contact database.

  • Go to Contacts > Segments in the main toolbar
  • Create a new person segment
  • Set up your criteria
  • Click Create

Create a broadcast

  • Go to Broadcasts in the main toolbar
  • Click Create new broadcast
  • Choose Create segment broadcast
  • Choose the segment that you created from the dropdown list
  • Add a subject, introduction and your body content
  • Click the Token icon in the text editor toolbar
  • Add tokens for Name, Create account button and Direct Debit button according to your preferences. When the email broadcast is delivered these tokens will be replaced with personalised content for each recipient.
  • Click Save and preview

You can preview the broadcast and send a test to yourself.

Receiving the broadcast

Once the broadcast is actually sent and people receive it the tokens will be replaced with personalised values. When a person clicks the Create account or Set up Direct Debit buttons they will be directed to personalised forms where their email address is pre-filled. This ensures that the submission of each form is properly connected to their existing contact record and subscription.

The process of setting us a Direct Debit mandate adds a payment method to the person's account but does not take any money. It just prepares their account in advance for when their subscription does renew so that a payment can automatically be taken at that time.

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