Personalise email broadcasts with tokens

You can personalise email broadcasts by using tokens.

When you create, preview and test your broadcast all you will see are the token placeholders, for example [first_name].

When the broadcast is actually delivered to your recipient's, tokens you have inserted will be replaced with content that is customised to the specific recipient. 

Supported tokens

Supported tokens include name, contact information, organisation information, custom fields, and buttons to perform account actions. A full list of available tokens can be seen underneath the text area when adding/editing a content block on a broadcast.

The Manage communication preferences link in the footer of every email is also a personalised link. This link will not work in the broadcast preview window or in any test emails you send.


Dear [honorific] [first_name] [last_name]

We're writing to let you know we have launched a new membership website. We have lots of exclusive content and a new discussion forum just for members. Please use the link below to register your user account so you can gain access to all these membership benefits.


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