Require approval for membership subscriptions

For any membership plan you can require manual approval of subscriptions. This allows you to manually review applications before they are accepted.

To require approval, edit the membership plan and select Requires administrator approval.

Subscription process when approval is required

Applying for a membership subscription

  • Visitors to your website will see an Apply now button instead of a Join now button.
  • An email is sent to the contact explaining that their subscription is pending approval.
  • An email is sent to Administrators with a link to the contact record.
  • A membership subscription is created but remains in a Pending state.

Approval of the membership subscription

  • Locate the pending subscription and use the action menu to Approve it.
  • An email is sent to the contact confirming that the subscription has been approved and, where relevant, including payment instructions.
  • The membership subscription status is updated to Approved.


  • If paying by Direct Debit, any necessary payment will automatically be taken within a few days.
  • If paying by Credit Card, the confirmation email will request that the contact add a valid Credit Card to complete the subscription process.
  • Once payment has been made the membership subscription status is updated to Valid.

A visual overview of the process is outlined in the video in this article: Understand the subscription process (@ 2:05 minutes).

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