Restrict content to members

You can choose to restrict certain items of website content so that they are only accessible to logged-in members. 

Restrict content to members

  1. Go to Settings > Membership plans and check that the membership type in question has access to restricted content. 
  2. Find and Edit the content you wish to restrict.
  3. Go to the Access tab and change the access level to Members.
  4. Click Update.

In order to access this content, visitors will need to log in with a user account and have an active membership. 

How does restricted content appear to non-members?

Member-only PagesPosts, Resources and Events do appear on their respective list pages as teasers but only the title, introduction and featured image will be visible. They will be marked with a 'Members only' icon. Clicking through to the content will display a notice inviting the visitor to become a member, log in or create a user account. 

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