Restrict content to members

You can choose to restrict certain items of website content so that they are only accessible to logged-in members. 

Restrict content to members

  1. Find and Edit the content you wish to restrict.
  2. Go to the Access tab and change the access level to Members.
  3. Click Save.

Access rules

In order to access restricted content, website users will need to:

  • Have an active user account and be logged in
  • Have a valid membership subscription
  • Be subscribed to a membership plan that permits access to restricted content

To check if a membership plan permits access to restricted content edit the plan and go to the Advanced tab.

How does restricted content appear to non-members?

For any item of member-only content non-members WILL be able to see:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Banner image
  • Featured image
  • The date of Events, Articles or Resources

Non-members WILL NOT be able to see:

  • Body content
  • Any attached files
  • Any forms or directories added to a page
  • Any ticket booking options on events
  • Any sub pages

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