Migrate members on Direct Debit to GoCardless

White Fuse uses GoCardless as the payment gateway through which membership fees can be paid by Direct Debit. If you are transitioning to White Fuse and your members have previously set up Direct Debit mandates through a provider other than GoCardless you may be able to import these mandates into GoCardless.

This is not essential. The other option is to invite your existing members to create a new Direct Debit mandate through White Fuse. This only takes a couple of minutes to do. But, if you are able to import your existing mandates to GoCardless it will provide a more seamless transition for your members where they essentially have to do nothing.

How the process works

  • Create a GoCardless account
  • Review the GoCardless guidance about the migration process (note that the process varies depending on what type of provider you are moving from)
  • Contact GoCardless support who will guide you through the process
  • Contact us once the migration process is complete for assistance on linking up your contacts in White Fuse with their mandates in GoCardless

Common questions

Must my members give consent? 

No. Migrating Direct Debit mandates to GoCardless requires you to notify your members but does not require them to take any action. 

Is it a simple process? 

No. The process is relatively complex. There are at least four different types of Direct Debit providers that you may currently be using and each requires a slightly different process. Carefully check which type of provider you have before you start. 

Does White Fuse manage the process? 

No. The migration process is a three-way process between you, your current Direct Debit provider and GoCardless. However, once the migration process is complete we can advise you on how to link your contacts in White Fuse with their mandates in GoCardless.

Does GoCardless provide support? 

Yes, GoCardless provides quite comprehensive online guides and will answer specific questions by email. However, do not expect a single point of contact. GoCardless has quite a big support team so you may find yourself talking to a different person each time you send them an email.

What are the benefits of migration? 

Migration means that you don't need to invite your members to set up a new payment method. There is no action required from them. 

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