Invite members to pay by Credit or Debit card

If you have imported existing members their subscriptions will most likely be set to use a Manual payment method. In White Fuse Manual simply means any payment method that is not automated through the system itself.

Members that pay manually will automatically be prompted to pay by either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card when they receive their reminder email.

But, you can also invite members to set up a recurring payment method at any time. Direct Debit is usually the recommended approach because Direct Debit mandates do not expire. Here's how to Invite members to set up a Direct Debit mandate.

If you wish members to pay their membership fees by Credit or Debit card you should invite them to:

  • Log in to their online account
  • Go to the Membership tab
  • Click the link Pay by bank card below their membership subscription

This will add a Credit/Debit card to their account ready to take payment when their subscription renews.

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