Add, edit or remove an administrator

Add an administrator

  • If the person already has a contact record, go to Contacts > People and locate the person.
  • If the person does not have a contact record, create a new one. 
  • Check whether the person already has a user account. If not, click Create user account
    (you will need to specify an email address and temporary password for them).
  • Click Assign a role and choose an appropriate role.

You can also follow this process the change a person's role from Editor to Administrator or vice versa.

Administrator roles explained

Role Description
Editor Can create and edit all website content and structure
Administrator As Editor and can also manage the contact database and settings and can view activity

Remove an administrator

  • Find the person in Contacts > People
  • Either delete the person (this will deactivate their account), delete their account or change/remove the role associated with their account.  
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