Add or remove an administrator or editor

If you are an administrator you can add your colleagues as additional Administrators or Editors.

Editors and Administrators have contact records just like other people in your contact database. Once you invite them to create a user account they will gain extra privileges to access the software.

Roles explained

Every user account has a role, which determines what they can do on your website. The User role is the default role given to all user accounts. 

Role Description
User Can view and edit their own contact details and communication preferences.
With an active membership subscription, a User can also access member content, create forum posts and add comments.
Editor Has all the permissions of a User.
Can also create and edit all website content and structure.
Administrator Has all the permissions of an Editor.
Can also manage the contact database, events, forms, broadcasts, reports and settings.

Invite a person to create an account

  • Go to Contacts > People and locate (or add) the person
  • Click Invite to create user account
  • [if applicable] Select either the Editor or Administrator role
  • Click Send invitation
  • The person will receive an email inviting them to create a password and log in to their account.

Edit or remove a user account

  • Go to Contacts > People and locate the person
  • In the User account box choose an option from the action menu (...). You can change the password, change the role or delete the user account. Deleting the user account does not delete the contact. 

Getting your colleagues up to speed

If you are inviting someone to become an Editor or Administrator they will probably face a bit of a learning curve. This Getting up to speed guide provides access to a series of videos to help people learn how the system works. We encourage you to point them to this guide and to contact our support team if they need more help.

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