Troubleshoot account creation and log in problems

If your users have problems trying to create an account or log in, there are a range of things to try to help them resolve the issue. Here is a list of some of the main reasons a user may encounter problems.

No account The person is trying to log in but they have not actually created a user account yet.
Invite them to create a new account.
Email not recognised
The person's email address may not be already in the contact database. Only people whose email address is recognised can create an account. You can invite them to create an account using the correct email address.
Unconfirmed account The account may have been created but not yet confirmed. Instruct the person to look for an email with the subject  Confirmation instructions in their inbox or spam folder and click the Confirm my account link. Alternatively, you can confirm the account manually as an administrator.
Manage an unconfirmed account
Wrong email The person may have an account registered with a different email address. Check that the person is using the same email address that they used when originally creating their account, the one that you see on their contact record.
Wrong password The person may be using the wrong password.
Encourage them to try resetting it using the  Reset it link on the login screen.

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