Troubleshoot log in problems

If you or your users have problems logging in, there are a range of things to try. 

  1. You may be using the wrong password. Try reseting it by clicking the Reset it link on the Log in page.
  2. Your account may not have been activated. Look for an email with the subject Confirmation instructions in your inbox or spam folder and click the Confirm my account link. If you can't find it a site administrator can manually approve it for you. 
  3. You may be using the wrong email address. Check that you are using the same email address you registered with. This is the email address to which confirmation instructions were sent. 
  4. Your browser may be remembering old information. Try clearing your and cookies and site data. Read about how to do this on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  5. You may have a password manager that is remembering the wrong password. Remove all site data from your password manager. 
  6. Try a different browser. 
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