Invite a person to create a user account

To log in to your website a person requires a user account which consists of an email address and password. You can invite people to create a user account either individually or in bulk via an email broadcast. 

Roles explained

Every user account has a role, which determines what they can do on your website. The User role is the default role given to all user accounts. 

Role Description
User Can view and edit their own contact details and communication preferences.
With an active membership subscription, a User can also access member content, create forum posts and add comments.
Editor Has all the permissions of a User.
Can also create and edit all website content and structure.
Administrator Has all the permissions of an Editor.
Can also manage the contact database, events, forms, broadcasts, reports and settings.
People can only create an account using an email address that already exists in your contact database.

Invite a person to create an account

  • Go to Contacts > People and locate the person
  • Click Invite to create user account
  • Select the User role*
  • Click Send invitation
  • The person will receive an email inviting them to create a password and log in to their account.
*Do not select Editor or Administrator from the role dropdown if you are sending an invitation to a member. These roles provide access to content, contacts, reports, settings etc.

The content of the invitation email is as follows:

Dear [first name],

This is an invitation to create a user account with [organisation name].

Click the link below and choose a password to claim your account.

Create your account

If you have any questions please get in touch with us using the contact details on our website.

[Organisation name]

[Website address]

Use an email broadcast to send invitations

You can send lots of invitations to people at once using an email broadcast.

  • Create a new broadcast
  • Add your content to the body area
  • Add the Create account button from the tokens dropdown list in the text editor toolbar

Everyone that receives the email will get a personalised link inviting them to create a user account. Learn more about broadcast tokens

You can only invite people as Users with this method, not Editors or Administrators.

Edit or remove a user account

  • Go to Contacts > People and locate the person
  • In the User account box choose an option from the action menu (...). You can change the password, change the role or delete the user account. Deleting the user account does not delete the contact. 

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