Create a membership subscription form

Membership subscription forms can be enabled by editing the corresponding  Membership plan.

Enabling public forms

  1. Go to Settings > Membership plans and either find or create a membership plan.
  2. Edit the membership plan.
  3. Check the Enable public subscription form box.

Adding fields

The information requested on a membership subscription form can be managed by editing the Membership plan. You can choose to display any of the fields available for a person: either standard fields (Mr, Mrs, etc) or custom fields (which can be added in Settings > Custom fields). For organisation membership plans you can also choose to display organisation fields. 

Linking to membership subscription forms

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans
  • Choose a Membership plan
  • Click Go to form from the action menu (...) for that plan
  • You will see the destination URL for this form in the address bar of your browser. 

To link from an external website remember to use the full domain path like this:

When linking internally, you should omit your domain, like this:

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