Invite members to set up a Direct Debit mandate

It’s in your interests to encourage everyone to pay membership fees by Direct Debit. This will greatly reduce your admin and usually results in higher member retention as payments are collected automatically.

Invite people to set up a Direct Debit

The easiest way to do this is to send an email broadcast to a segment of people and include a special token in the email.

  • Create a new broadcast and draft your content
  • Place your cursor where you would like the Direct Debit button to appear
  • Go to the Token icon in the text editor toolbar
  • Choose Direct Debit button

Once the broadcast is sent and people receive the email the token will be replaced with a personalised button. When people click this button they will be taken to a form with their email address pre-filled to ensure that the mandate they go on to create is associated with their existing contact record and subscription.

Alternatively, you can direct people individually to this link, being sure to replace the domain with your own:
Note: Members must use the email address associated with their existing subscription so that the new mandate can be automatically linked.

Invite organisations to set up a Direct Debit

The process for organisations is the same but you should direct the organisation representative to this link:

Automatic prompts to set up a Direct Debit

If you enable email renewal reminders for your membership plans, these will be sent 14 days before subscriptions are due to renew. If the member does not have a Direct Debit set up already, these reminder emails will include a link for them to set one up. If members log in to their account and go to My account > Membership they will also be prompted to set up a Direct Debit there.

What happens next?

Once a Direct Debit mandate has been created, future subscription renewals will be taken by Direct Debit and payment for any unpaid invoices will be taken within the next week. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you reconcile any manual payments regularly to avoid duplicate payments.

Note: When completing this organisation mandate form the person  must enter the organisation name exactly as it appears in your contact database so that the new mandate can be automatically linked. They must also use an email address related to the organisation. They will not be able to use an email address that is associated with their own personal contact record.
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