Create and manage categories

Create categories to organise your website content more effectively.

Your website contains some special content types in addition to basic pages. These content types each have some special characteristics. Learn more about different content types.

Articles, Events, Resources and Posts are all displayed on their own special list page. As the number of items increases, it can be helpful to create categories to help organise the content and make it easier for users to find.

To create a category:

  • Go to Website > Categories in the main toolbar
  • Create a new category and decide which content types you wish it to apply to
  • Once created the category will be available when you edit any individual item of content

Categories are displayed in a left-hand column on the special list page for each content type. A category will only appear if it has been applied to at least one item of published content.

For Articles, Events and Resources, an item can have multiple categories applied. Posts in the discussion forum can only have one category applied.

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