Understand content types

Your website consists of a series of pages organised in a sitemap. There are a number of different types of content and a few particular pages with special attributes.

Go to Website > Content in the main toolbar to search for any page on your website.

Normal pages

Normal pages are the building blocks of your menu hierarchy. You can create pages and arrange them in a menu up to three levels deep. You can move pages elsewhere or hide them from view at any time.

Learn about structuring pages in the menu > | Learn how to hide a page >

Event pages

All the  Events you create will appear in a list in the dedicated Events section. Events can be categorised but they cannot be independently moved around the menu hierarchy.

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Article pages

All the  Articles you create will appear in a list in date order in the dedicated News section. You can change the name of this section as needed. Articles can be categorised but they cannot be moved around the menu hierarchy.

Resource pages

All the Resources you create will appear in a list in the dedicated Resources section. Resources can be categorised but they cannot be moved around the menu.

Learn more about resources >

Other special pages

There are a few other pages that have special characteristics and won't behave in quite the same way as normal pages.

Home The default home page of your site. You can promote content of other types to this page.
Membership Non-members will be diverted to this page if they try to access member-only content. You can automatically promote your membership plans to this page.
Forum All Posts that you or your members create will appear here in a list. This page is always strictly member-only.
Donate This page can contain a built-in donate widget for promoting popular giving options.

These special pages cannot:

  • Be deleted
  • Be unpublished
  • Have their access level changed (members/public)

If you go to Website > Menus in the main toolbar you will see a star icon next to each of these special pages to help you identify them and their purpose.

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