Promotional ticket types

The ticketing system is flexible enough to allow a range of ticket promotions to be offered.

Early-bird tickets

It is best not to change the price of tickets once they have been put on sale as his will distort the event's revenue reporting. To offer early-bird reduced price tickets to your event, follow this approach:

  • Create a dedicated ticket type for your reduced price tickets with an appropriate name.
  • Set a limit on the number of tickets available. You can also return at a scheduled time and hide this ticket type.

Early access tickets

You can offer certain groups of people early access to event tickets. You can do this by removing your event page from the list of events so that it is only discoverable by people with the direct URL.

  • View the public event page
  • Click Event settings
  • Uncheck Display in list of events

You can also restrict ticket types to members.

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