Understand the renewal process

Auto-renewal by default

All subscriptions are set to auto-renew. When a renewal date arrives an invoice is created, the renewal date is extended by the length of the billing frequency, and payment for the new invoice is expected.

  • If payment is not collected on time the subscription is Overdue.
  • The subscription will remain overdue for the duration of the Grace Period.
  • Automated reminder emails are sent to the member, unless disabled in the membership plan.
  • If still no payment has been collected the subscription is Expired.

Renewal timeline with automated reminders

  • 14 days before renewal date: Renewal notice sent. If no valid payment method is found the email contains instructions on how to pay.
  • Renewal date: A new invoice is created, the renewal date is extended, and payment is attempted if the subscription is paid by card or Direct Debit.
  • 14 days after renewal date: Payment reminder email sent (if not already paid).
  • End of grace period: Subscription expires and cannot be re-activated.

My Account area

Members can log in to their account at any time and see the same payment instructions that are included in the automated emails. They can set up a payment method at any time, long before their subscription is due to renew.

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