Prepare people contacts for import

Google Sheet template

Access the template Google Sheet

Your contact data must be prepared in the prescribed format using this template. To create a copy of this template go to the File menu and choose Download.

Prepare people contact data

This video explains how to prepare your people contacts for import.

  • First and last name are required.
  • All email addresses must be unique.
  • Address line 1 is required for importing addresses.
  • Dates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Multiple values in a single cell should be separated with the pipe | character.
  • Pre-configure the software with all the communication types, groups, membership plans and custom fields that you intend to import.

Import organisations

If you need to import organisations and link them with people please follow the guidance in this article: Import organisations.

Complete the import

Once your file is prepared, proceed to Import contacts.

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