Upload your spreadsheet of contacts

After preparing your contacts for import you will need to then upload them to your contact database. If you haven't yet done this please refer to the relevant help articles:

Importing contacts in the right order

You need to import the different lists of contacts in this order:

  1. Organisations
  2. People
  3. Joint members

This is because the system needs to be able to find organisations to link people to them. And it needs to be able to find subscription owners when linking joint members to them.

To import people or joint members go to Contacts > People > Actions> Import people

To import organisations go to  Contacts > Organisations > Actions > Import organisations

Upload a CSV

Save each of your contact lists (Organisations, People and Joint members) as separate CSV files.

Upload a file to the system and wait for it to be checked. If there are any errors these will be displayed on-screen. You will then need to work through your original file to resolve each error. Repeat this process until there are no more errors and the contacts are imported.

Troubleshoot errors

If your file will not import due to errors, please refer to this troubleshooting guide.

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