Manage a locked account

Repeated failed attempts to log in will result in a user account being locked. A user account will also be locked if the linked contact record has been recently deleted.

Unlocking another user's account

If your users experience this and get in touch you can unlock their account on their behalf.

1) If the user has multiple failed attempts to log in

  • Go to the person's contact record
  • Go to the User Account box
  • Choose Unlock from the action menu (...)

It is advisable to then encourage the user to create a new password using the reset password link on your website's login screen.

2) If the user has been recently deleted by an administrator

  • Go to the list of recently deleted people
  • Restore the person's contact record

Contact records can only be deleted by an administrator, so you may need to determine why the contact record was deleted and ensure that all issues are resolved.

Unlocking your own account

If you appear to be locked out of your own account as an administrator this could be for two reasons.

  • Repeated failed login attempts.
  • Your role has been downgraded from Administrator to User. In this case, you will be able to log in but you won't be able to access admin tools.

You can contact another administrator on your team to either unlock your account using the instructions above or check and reset your administrator role.

If you don't have another administrator that can do this for you please contact our support team and we can help you.

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