Deleted contacts

When a contact (person or organisation) is deleted they remain in the system for 30 days, just in case you need to revert your action and restore the contact.

Deleted contacts

Here's what happens when a contact record is deleted. The contact is:

  • moved to the recently deleted area
  • not included in any segments
  • not counted when calculating monthly pricing

Account log in

In addition, the users associated with deleted contact records will not be able to log in to their online accounts. Attempts to do so will result in an error message stating that their account is locked.

Email address availability

An email address belonging to a deleted person cannot be used by another contact. If you need to re-use the email address you will first need to permanently delete the contact record.

  • Go to Contacts > People
  • Then go to Actions > View deleted
  • Find the person in the table of deleted people
  • Choose Permanently delete from the action menu (...) in the table row

Restoring a contact record

You can manually restore a contact record within 30-days of deleting it. Contacts can also become automatically restored if the user submits any online form including membership subscription forms or event booking forms.

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