Create a campaign

Create campaigns to let users give money for specific reasons.

Create a campaign

  1. Go to Settings > Campaigns and create a new campaign.
  2. Check the URLs for the donation forms by using the links in the campaign action menu.
  3. Create a page for your fundraising appeal or campaign.
  4. Add a link to your content and choose Custom URL as the destination
  5. Enter a URL in one of the following formats to link to a campaign-specific donation form
Campaign-specific destination form URL
One-off donation with no preset amount /donation_invoices/new/campaign/1
specific forms One-off donation of £50 /donation_invoices/new/campaign/1/50
Monthly donation with no preset amount /donation_subscriptions/new/campaign/2
Monthly donation of £20 /donation_subscriptions/new/campaign/2/20

View reports

To view all the donations made towards a specific campaign you can:

  1. Go to Reports > Single donations in the main toolbar
  2. Filter the table using the Campaign dropdown filed at the top of the page
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