Card payment not collected for membership

If a person's membership subscription is set to be paid manually, they will be sent a payment reminder email around the time that their subscription is due to renew. The email will contain links for setting up a Direct Debit and adding a bank card, as well as instructions for how to pay manually if they prefer.

You can find out details about the contents of these reminder emails here.

If a person responds to this reminder by adding a bank card BEFORE their subscription actually renews then payment will be collected automatically via Stripe on the renewal date.

If, however, the person responds AFTER the renewal date then an invoice will have already been created with the payment method 'Manual' and Stripe won't collect payment for this invoice. This will cause the subscription to remain Overdue and you'll need to take an action.

In either case, now that a bank card is on file, all future payments will be collected via Stripe.

Next steps

If a person adds a bank card after the renewal date there are two things you can do to collect and record payment.

  1. Ask the person to make a one-time manual payment via BACS or equivalent and then manually mark their invoice as Paid.
  2. Go to your Stripe account and create a one-time payment for the person. You can add a description to the payment explaining what it is for. This will collect the payment but it will not be linked with the invoice in White Fuse. So you will still need to mark it as Paid.

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