Transition existing members to White Fuse

When you begin using White Fuse you may have existing members to import into the contact database. To provide the most seamless experience for them it's important to carefully consider the transition process. Your situation will be unique so use this article and the related articles to understand the options available in White Fuse to create your transition strategy. 

This article focusses on the most common scenario: you have lots of existing members paying an annual subscription fee.

Paying via GoCardless

If your members currently pay by Direct Debit via GoCardless you can import the Direct Debit mandate into White Fuse without your members needing to do anything. You will need to include the GoCardless mandate ID in your White Fuse contact import file. If you currently use the GoCardless  Plans functionality to manage the renewal of subscriptions you may need to cancel these because this function will be dealt with by White Fuse instead.

Paying via other Direct Debit

If your members currently pay by Direct Debit using a different payment gateway (e.g. SmartDebit, MoorePay, FastPay, etc) you can arrange a bulk transfer over to GoCardless without needing any manual actions from your members. To find out about this approach, contact GoCardless and they will guide you through the process. Once all Direct Debit mandates have been moved over to GoCardless you can import them to White Fuse as described above.

Paying via Credit or Debit card

If your members currently pay by Credit or Debit card on a recurring basis using a card payment gateway (e.g. PayPal, WorldPay, etc) you won't be able to import this information. You will need to ask your members set up a new Direct Debit. White Fuse provides a simple online process to allow members to set up a new Direct Debit online (see the related links at the bottom of this post for full instructions). Once your members set up a new Direct Debit you will need to remove them from your card billing system so they aren't double charged. 

Paying by standing order, bank transfer, cheque or other

If your members currently pay by standing order, bank transfer, cheque or some other manual method you can manage these payments using the Manual payment method in White Fuse. However, this will require you to manually record each payment in White Fuse so we recommend that you ask these members to set up a new Direct Debit via the White Fuse online Direct Debit form.

What's the best strategy?

We recommend that you require all members to transition to paying by Direct Debit via GoCardless. This is how White Fuse is designed to be used and it is the method that causes you the least amount of admin in the long run. Allowing manual payments causes a lot of extra admin that is easily under-estimated.

If you are currently planning your transition process, we recommend that you take a forceful approach to moving members over to Direct Debit. You may face opposition from some members but it will save you a lot of work in the long run. 

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