Upload a file to a page

To add a file to a page first:

  1. Go to your page (or article, event, resource etc.)
  2. Choose Add > File from the contextual toolbar. A placeholder block will be added to the page.
  3. Click this block to open the file upload window.
  4. Drop a file into the window or click to upload.
  5. Add an optional description.
  6. Click save

There is a 10MB file size limit on files attached in this way. 

If your file is large, you have lots of files, or you wish to arrange your files in a different way on the page then you may need a different approach.

You could upload your files to a cloud-based file sharing repository like Google Drive or Dropbox. You will have much more generous file size limits with these platforms and more granular sharing permissions. You can then copy the link to any given file and then add it to your web page, the same way you would add a link to any external URL.

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