Upload a file to a page

To add a file to a page first:

  1. Go to your page (or article, event, resource etc.)
  2. Click the Edit link in the contextual toolbar

Then you can do one of two different options.

Option one - Attachments feature

The easiest, and most consistent way to upload files is the use the Attachments feature. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Attachments tab
  2. Click choose file
  3. Give it a more friendly description to be shown on the page 
  4. Save

Your file will be added as a button with a download icon to the bottom of the page. 

Option two - Within the text editor

You can also upload files inside the text editor and they will appear like normal text links. Here are the steps:

  1. Create some text in the body area that you want to be displayed as the link
  2. Select that text and click the File icon in the text editor toolbar
  3. Click Choose file

The dialog box will automatically close and your file will be reachable via the text link you created. This option allows you to place file download links anywhere on the page where as the Attachments feature always places them at the bottom.

Alternatively if your file is large or you have lots of files you wish to share in an organised way, the best approach may be to upload them to a cloud-based file sharing repository like Google Drive or Dropbox. You will have much more generous file size limits with these platforms and more granular sharing permissions. You can then copy the link to any given file and paste it into your web page for sharing.

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