Add an image to the page body

Adding images to your page is easy but there are a few things to consider.

Add an image

  • In the text editor, place your cursor where you want the image to appear and click the image button on the toolbar.

Move or resize an image

  • Once placed, you can't move the image without entering HTML mode. It may be easier to delete and re-add it.
  • It's best to size your image before you upload it but you can resize your image once in place by using the corner grab handle.
  • Images resized using the corner grab handle have a minimum size of 100px. If you need to make images smaller than this you can do so by editing the HTML.

Set image alignment

  • Select your image and click edit to manage the image properties.
  • If you want an image to be in line with your text, set the position to 'None'.
  • If you want the text to wrap around your image set the position to either 'Left' or 'Right'.

Note: if you use this in conjunction with the text-align button in the toolbar it can cause unexpected behaviour.

Set image properties

  • Select your image and click edit to manage the image properties.
  • Add a descriptive title to your image so that if the image can't be displayed, people still know what the image is about.
  • Optionally, you can add a link to your image.

Check your image on mobile

On small devices, all images are set to appear inline with text so any left or right positioning you add will be overridden. Make sure that your image is in the right place to show up well on mobile as well as desktop.

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