Add banners and featured images to your website

You can add a range of images to website pages, depending on your needs and the images you have available.

New! Check out the banner image scale options for more creative control.

Banner images

Banner images span the full width of the page and sit behind the title and introduction. Use banners on normal pages to complement the text and add visual impact.

Image size Images must be at least 800px wide and 500px high.
1600px wide is recommended for best results.
Overlay Images are darkened by default by applying a tinted overlay. This adds contrast to any text on top of the image. You can adjust the opacity and tint colour at  Settings > Theme > Banner.
Image scale Use  Full-width for dark, low contrast images with space on the left-hand side.
Use  Half-width in all other cases. This option will add a gradient to the left-hand side of the banner making overlaid text easier to read.

Featured images

Featured images can be added to any type of website content and will never be overlaid with text. They are also displayed when the page is featured elsewhere on the site, such as the homepage or a section overview page. 

Image size Images must be at least 450px wide and 300px high.
Image scale Use  Fill for photos. This option will crop your image to fill the space available. 
Use  Fit for logos and graphics. This option will not crop your image, often leaving some white space around it.

Where to find good images

There are lots of places to look for images on the web but you need to make sure you have the necessary permission. This guide on how to Find and optimise images for your website gives lots of useful tips on where to look and how edit images the achieve the above characteristics.

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