Add banners and featured images

To add either a banner or a featured image to your page hover over the page title and click the Edit banner button that appears.

Banner images

Banner images sit behind the title and introduction text. There are two display modes for banner images; Full width and half-width. Dark, low contrast images are recommended in full-width mode to ensure the text is legible. Virtually any image will work in half-width mode.

We recommend using images that are:

  • 1600px by 600px for full-width banner images
  • 900px by 600px for half-width banner images

Featured images

Featured images sit to the right of the page title and introduction. Featured images are also displayed when the page is featured elsewhere on the site, such as the homepage or a section overview page. There are two display modes for featured images; Fill and Fit. Use the Fill mode for most photos. Use the Fit mode for logos, graphics or images with text.

We recommend using images that are 600px by 400px for featured images

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