Simplify a complex segment using bulk operations

Segments can contain a maximum of 5 conditions. If you need to specify more than 5 conditions in order to shortlist appropriate contacts you may be able to perform a bulk operation to help. For example, you may want to specify something like:

  1. Membership plan IS NOT Full
  2. Membership plan IS NOT Associate
  3. Membership plan IS NOT Student
  4. Account status IS NOT Active
  5. Date updated IS ON OR BEFORE 01/06/22
  6. Region IS NOT Any

This is too many conditions for a segment. So, a workaround solution is to break the task up into a few steps.

Step 1: Create a temporary segment

Create a segment that contains just a few of your desired conditions. For example:

  1. Membership plan IS NOT Full
  2. Membership plan IS NOT Associate
  3. Membership plan IS NOT Student

Give this segment a suitable name such as 'No suitable membership' and save it.

Step 2: Create a group

  • Create a group with the same or similar name ready for the next step.

Step 3: Bulk add to group

  • Filter the list of contacts using the segment dropdown selector
  • Select ALL the contacts in this filtered list using the top-left checkbox
  • Click the bulk operation button and choose Add to group
  • Add the contacts to the group you created in Step 2

Step 4: Create your segment

Now you can return to creating the segment you intended to have in the first place. Instead of specifying all the different membership plans to exclude you can specify that contacts are NOT in the group you created. Like this:

  1. Group IS 'No suitable membership'
  2. Account status IS NOT Active
  3. Date updated IS ON OR BEFORE 01/06/22
  4. Region IS NOT Any

Step 5: Use your segment

You can now use your segment for your intended purpose whether it is to send a broadcast, set up a directory or bulk delete contacts.

NOTE: Be careful to make sure you have got your logic correct. I.e. if your temporary segment (step 1) was set to EXCLUDE contacts then your final segment (step 4) should be set to INCLUDE the group. Think it through and test it before you use the segment to send a broadcast or delete contacts.
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